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PowerShell for Pentesters

The PowerShell for Pentesters course aims to bring PowerShell goodness to the information security community. Focus of this course is on using PowerShell as a platform for penetration testing, red teaming and security research using a hands-on approach with a balanced learning curve. This course aims to change your approach towards Windows security testing.

– Nikhil Mittal
Instructor, PowerShell for Pentesters

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1. What is PowerShell for Pentesters?


PowerShell For Pentesters is an online course designed for teaching PowerShell to penetration testers, system administrators and other security professionals. You will be able to use and write tools in PowerShell which is installed by default on all modern Windows operating systems. The course will be of interest for anyone who wants to know more about using PowerShell for security research, penetration testing and red teaming. This course covers various phases of a penetration testing and PowerShell is used to enhance techniques in each phase.

2. Course Syllabus

A non-exhaustive list of topics to be covered include:
    • Introduction to PowerShell
    • Basics of PowerShell
    • Scripting
    • Advanced Scripting Concepts
    • Modules
    • Jobs
    • PowerShell with .Net
    • Using Windows API with PowerShell
    • PowerShell and WMI
    • Working with COM objects
    • Interacting with the Registry
    • Recon and Scanning
    • Exploitation
      • Brute Forcing
      • Client Side Attacks
      • Using existing exploitation techniques
      • Porting exploits to PowerShell – When and how
      • Human Interface Device
    • PowerShell and Metasploit
      • Running PowerShell scripts
      • Using PowerShell in Metasploit exploits
    • Post Exploitation
      • Information Gathering and Exfiltration
      • Backdoors
      • Privilege Escalation
      • Getting system secrets
    • Post Exploitation
      • Passing the hashes/credentials
      • PowerShell Remoting
      • WMI and WSMAN for remote command execution
      • Web Shells
      • Achieving Persistence
    • Using PowerShell with other security tools
    • Defense against PowerShell attacks


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3. Can I see some sample videos for the course? 

The total duration of the course videos is a staggering 12+ HOURS of HD content with Full English Captions. The course is fully hands-on and you will be spending most of the time doing exercises with the instructor.

The course starts from the very basics and slowly takes you to more complicated topics, making it ideal for self-paced learning. Below are a couple of sample videos from the course:

1. PowerShell for Pentesters: Introduction

2. PowerShell for Pentesters: Cmdlets

3. PowerShell for Pentesters: Functions Part1

4. Powershell for Pentesters: Remoting Part1

5. PowerShell for Pentesters: Jobs

6. PowerShell for Pentesters: .Net Part 1

7. PowerShell for Pentesters: Privilege Escalation Part3

8. PowerShell for Pentesters: Backdoors Part2

9. PowerShell for Pentesters: WebShells

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4. What do I get as a registered student? 

A registered student will get the following:

  • HD Download of Course Theory Videos
  • HD Download of Course Exercise Videos
  • Full English Captions of the Videos
  • PDF Slides of the full course
  • All Code samples used in the course
  • Mock Exam
  • Certification Exam
  • PDF copy of certificate if you pass the exam

Please note that there is no student forum associated with this low-priced course.

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5. What is the course duration? when does it start / stop ?

The PowerShell for Pentesters course is completely self-paced, self-study course. There is no duration of the course or expiry period.

6. Is this Course for Novices or only for Experts?

This course is for both. The language basics and PowerShell programming, which form almost half of the course, are covered with patience and keeping in mind the students, who have, no or very little prior programming experience. During the part where application of PowerShell in penetration testing is discussed, the course gathers speed and even expert users will learn new concepts and applications of Offensive PowerShell.


7. Student Testimonials

Nikhil, the author, has already conducted this course at conferences and private in-person trainings around the world! Here is what his students have to say about the course:


“As a Penetration Tester, I always yearned for the ability to use Windows for scripting my own tools on the fly during a penetration test.  PowerShell for Penetration Testers has helped me exactly with that. The course is well paced and takes you from very basics to complex scripts and techniques.”


– Sushil Dora,
Manager – Cloud Security,
Reliance Jio, India


“I thoroughly enjoyed PowerShell for Penetration Testers. I love the way PowerShell language is seamlessly integrated with Penetration Testing techniques in the course. The Post Exploitation part is my favourite part of the course. I will definitely recommend it to anyone doing penetration testing of Windows networks.”

– Sohil Garg,
Manager, Deloitte,


“Being a system administrator for past 12 years, I have been using PowerShell for my daily tasks for long.  Attending PowerShell for Penetration Testers made me understand how hackers can use it to attack my domain network. I also like the hands-on lab and the CTF which helped in understanding hacker techniques. It was an eye opener for me.”

– David Befort,
Enterprise Security Architect,

“As someone just entering the infosec field, Nikhil’s expertise and real world applications added to the enjoyment of this course. Having various tools and methods to pen test is a positive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, especially someone sitting on the fence. ”

– James Nies, Chief Engineer, US Navy



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8. Why Choose SecurityTube Certifications?

Our Certifications are taken by students from over 90+ countries and are Globally recognized. The Flags in the image to the left are countries from where our students belong. In addition, SecurityTube Certifications provide:

  • High Quality Content at an Affordable Cost
  • The most Comprehensive Course Coverage in the Industry
  • Uses Open Content for Course Evaluation
  • Concept Oriented, Practical Content rather than only Theory


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9. Course Instructor

Nikhil Mittal is a hacker, infosec researcher, speaker and enthusiast. His area of interest includes penetration testing, attack research, defence strategies and post exploitation research. He has 6+ years of experience in Penetration Testing for his clients which include many global corporate giants. He is also a member of Red teams of selected clients.
He specializes in assessing security risks at secure environments which require novel attack vectors and “out of the box” approach. He has worked extensively on using Human Interface Device in Penetration Tests and PowerShell for post exploitation. He is creator of Kautilya, a toolkit which makes it easy to use HIDs in penetration tests and Nishang, a post exploitation framework in PowerShell. In his spare time, Nikhil researches on new attack methodologies and updates his tools and frameworks.

Nikhil has held trainings and boot camps for various corporate clients (in US, Europe and SE Asia), and at the world’s top information security conferences.

He has spoken at conferences like Defcon, BlackHat USA, BlackHat Europe, RSA China, Troopers, DeepSec, PHDays, BlackHat Abu Dhabi, Hackfest, ClubHack, EuSecWest and more. He blogs at

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10. Course Enrollment and Payment


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